TRAVEL TIP: When Good Weather Goes Bad

Even a seasoned travel pro like myself can have an off holiday. Here’s an example of how to make a vacation that seems doomed become one of the best trips you’ve ever had. – My husband and I were finally on our honeymoon. It had taken over a year to make our schedules and plan work. We were going to New Zealand! He’d always wanted … Continue reading TRAVEL TIP: When Good Weather Goes Bad

Travel Gear: Passport Cosmetics

Those clever gals over at Passport Cosmetics. They’ve come up with a clever way to package travel-sized makeup, easy to carry with you. Furthermore, its not just convenience and cute- this is quality stuff! I personally cannot live without the lip gloss in the color “JFK.” Oh yeah- that’s their schtick. Every Passport item carries the name of a word that you’d find at the … Continue reading Travel Gear: Passport Cosmetics


If you’re like me you like to be a step ahead of the pack when it comes to travel destinations. There’s no cooler feeling that saying “oh I was there in 1999” when all of the travel magazines are suddenly touting the latest hot-spot. Enter Costa Rica. This beautiful country in Central America has been off the┬átravel world’s radar for years simply because it had … Continue reading DESTINATION: Costa Rica