The US Dollar in South Africa

PLEASE NOTE: The following entry originally appeared on my personal website. ================================ Wow! I have never seen an exchange rate like this for a westernized country. Last night I stayed back at the hotel while our crew went out to shoot some nightlife here in Capetown, but unfortunately, yours truly came down with something. I ordered room service: chicken soup, 7-UP, orange juice, and just … Continue reading The US Dollar in South Africa

Avoid those hefty exchange rate fees

A sure-fire way to avoid those hefty exchange rate feesIt hardly seems to make sense. Standing in line at a foreign airport to exchange American currency for local notes. On top of your wait, you’ll probably pay a hefty fee for the exchange service and of course any coins you have on you now become worthless since exchange desks won’t honor them. Once you’ve completed … Continue reading Avoid those hefty exchange rate fees

Mark Ruffalo outside my window

I walked across the street to the store awhile ago and noticed on-coming traffic. Then I noticed the cars were not moving on this otherwise busy thoroughfare. Then I realized they were all cars from the 60’s. Then I notice the SFPD, the movie crew…then I spot the actor Mark Ruffalo. They are making the new Zodiac killer “Chronicles” movie in my hood! Cool(the movie, … Continue reading Mark Ruffalo outside my window