Top Ten Must-Have Kid Gadgets for Summer

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know we love our gadgets! With that in mind, hre are our Top Ten picks for must-have products this summer. 1. Gourmet Picnic Duffel: This isn’t your parent’s basket and blanket! These fully insulated picnic baskets by Ascot come with everything you’ll need- except of course the food. 2. Best Kids Travel Cup: Our travel … Continue reading Top Ten Must-Have Kid Gadgets for Summer

Vacation Tips from the Obama Family

Looking for ideas for your next family vacation? Consider what the Obamas are doing this summer. According to the White House, the First Family plans to enjoy three days  in Mount Desert Island, Maine. Those from this part of the US know it is home to Acadia National Park. The Obamas seem to enjoy our national parks, last year visiting  Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. … Continue reading Vacation Tips from the Obama Family

TRAVEL GEAR: Gourmet Picnic Duffel

Everyone is watching their pocketbook these days, so here’s an idea with that in mind. For the cost of a fancy bottle of wine, you and your family can picnic like Kings! That’s right: I said picnic. As in blanket on  grass. Now more than ever its a great time to picnic. The weather is perfect, since we’re not yet in the Dog Days of … Continue reading TRAVEL GEAR: Gourmet Picnic Duffel

13 Year Old Reaches Peak of Everest!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JORDAN ROMERO for reaching the summit of Mount Everest! Jordan, and American from Big Bear, California, breaks the record for youngest person to reach this milestone. The record was previously held by a 16 year old Nepalese boy. Jordan was accompanied by his family- his dad and step mother. His reason for making this journey sounds a little something like our own mission … Continue reading 13 Year Old Reaches Peak of Everest!

Travel’s “New Black” is GRAY

I was just reading this month’s edition of Washington FAMILY Magazine, and I have to say, I am pretty inspired. This month’s issue is all about getting outside, enjoying the spring, and CAMPS GALORE! As you know, Dear Reader, I’m all about the great outdoors, so I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite outings, and remind you of others I’ve … Continue reading Travel’s “New Black” is GRAY

Stranded at the Airport: DOs and DON’TS

This post is dedicated to the thousands of people stranded in European airports this week due to the Icelandic volcano activity. We’ve all been there- stuck at the airport due to our flight’s cancellation. Our previously post listed ways to get help from the gate agents. However, the reports this week of thousands of flights being canceled due to safety have not only left people … Continue reading Stranded at the Airport: DOs and DON’TS

“All Get Out” Partners with Washington Family Magazine

We’re delighted to share with you our new relationship with Washington Family Magazine. We here at All Get Out look forward to sharing with DC area families great destination ideas,  gadget &  gear reviews, and general travel advice related to helping families stay physically and mentally healthy. FAMILY Magazine is the largest parenting publication with 19 years of publishing in the Mid-Atlantic region. FAMILY Magazine … Continue reading “All Get Out” Partners with Washington Family Magazine