First the good news. With more and more people getting upset about TSAs increased body scans, fewer people have anything to complain about this year. That’s because fewer people will be flying in 2016, but opting for getting to Grandma’s house “over the river and through the woods” by car. And, by the way, that is also the bad news. According to the AAA, an … Continue reading TRAVEL ALERT: 2017

FREE Admission

We here at All Get Out get lots of people asking if Disney will offer the FREE ADMISSION special again. The answer is: we’ll have to wait to see if the overwhelmingly popular promotion makes a come-back again in 2011 (its expired in 2010 after it hit its max). In the meantime, there are a number of other amusement parks that ARE offering freebees. Among … Continue reading FREE Admission

2010 Labor Day Travel to Increase from Years Past

If you are able to get an early start on the road this Labor Day weekend, you might want to. That’s because the American Automobile Association anticipates a 10 percent increase in travelers driving this year from last, for a total of 34.4 million Americans hitting the road over the weekend. According to the group, U.S. travel continued to gain traction during the fourth quarter of ’09. … Continue reading 2010 Labor Day Travel to Increase from Years Past

TRAVEL GEAR: Gourmet Picnic Duffel

Everyone is watching their pocketbook these days, so here’s an idea with that in mind. For the cost of a fancy bottle of wine, you and your family can picnic like Kings! That’s right: I said picnic. As in blanket on  grass. Now more than ever its a great time to picnic. The weather is perfect, since we’re not yet in the Dog Days of … Continue reading TRAVEL GEAR: Gourmet Picnic Duffel

Stranded at the Airport: DOs and DON’TS

This post is dedicated to the thousands of people stranded in European airports this week due to the Icelandic volcano activity. We’ve all been there- stuck at the airport due to our flight’s cancellation. Our previously post listed ways to get help from the gate agents. However, the reports this week of thousands of flights being canceled due to safety have not only left people … Continue reading Stranded at the Airport: DOs and DON’TS

“All Get Out” Partners with Washington Family Magazine

We’re delighted to share with you our new relationship with Washington Family Magazine. We here at All Get Out look forward to sharing with DC area families great destination ideas,  gadget &  gear reviews, and general travel advice related to helping families stay physically and mentally healthy. FAMILY Magazine is the largest parenting publication with 19 years of publishing in the Mid-Atlantic region. FAMILY Magazine … Continue reading “All Get Out” Partners with Washington Family Magazine