First the good news. With more and more people getting upset about TSAs increased body scans, fewer people have anything to complain about this year. That’s because fewer people will be flying in 2016, but opting for getting to Grandma’s house “over the river and through the woods” by car. And, by the way, that is also the bad news. According to the AAA, an … Continue reading TRAVEL ALERT: 2017

UPDATE: Holiday Travel: a Bit of a Turkey

Thanksgiving weekend, November 2009, turned out to be a bit of a turkey, actually. In fact, according to the AAA,  2.3 million Americans flew over the holiday weekend. Now compare that to the year 2000 (which was a banner year for the economy BTW), it’s a big drop —  62 percent ! That’s right, in 2000 three times, or almost  6.2 million people flew. AAA … Continue reading UPDATE: Holiday Travel: a Bit of a Turkey

UPDATE: 2009 Holiday Travel: So far so… slow

2PM on the East Coast and the madness has begun at airports across the nation on this, the heaviest travel day of the year. Here are some highlights: Currently, it is being reported that check-in lines at LAX are out the door. Every door. Reports from Houston, TX say so-far so smooth, which is good considering the AAA says more than 3 million Texans will … Continue reading UPDATE: 2009 Holiday Travel: So far so… slow

SPECIAL REPORT: 2009 Holiday Last Minute Travel Tips

UPDATE: How to get You & Your Kids through Holiday Security Fast Prepare, prepare, prepare. Separate these items from the liquids, gels, and aerosols in your quart-size and zip-top bag. Declare you have the items to one of our Security Officers at the security checkpoint.  Carrying breast milk, or formula? Click here for my report on what’s allowed and how to get through security fast. … Continue reading SPECIAL REPORT: 2009 Holiday Last Minute Travel Tips

2009 Holiday Travel & Swine Flu

UPDATE: Here’s the official word from the CDC on H1N1 virus & travel. Current Situation Due to the circulation of 2009 H1N1 influenza in the United States and many other countries, airport staff in some foreign countries may check the health of arriving passengers. Many other countries, including Japan and China, are screening arriving passengers for symptoms of the flu. If you are sick with … Continue reading 2009 Holiday Travel & Swine Flu

2009 Holiday Travel- Hikes at the Pump

Like many Americans, you won’t be electing to fly this holiday, but don’t expect gas prices to be your friend. The American Automobile Association is reporting the price of gas will increase for the third straight year this year. They are saying gas prices will be about 70 cents a gallon more this year than this time last Thanksgiving. Still, most people (inclusing this writer) … Continue reading 2009 Holiday Travel- Hikes at the Pump

Surcharges on Holiday Travel

First it was a gasoline charge. Then checked baggage fees. Now its a charge for… the date?? Yep. Beginning next year, the big carriers:  Delta Air Lines, American, and United will raise prices on the busiest travel days. Expect fees as high as $30 each way. This isn’t the first time its been done. Last year  the Big Three charged $50 one-way on a few … Continue reading Surcharges on Holiday Travel