About Us

ALL GET OUT is the ultimate online destination for families seeking travel ideas, advice and product reviews to help make their next trip a bit more hassle free. We’ll help you save time, and money.

We are unlike any other site out there. All about fun, our true goal is quiet serious: the obesity rate in the United States is increasing each year, and the divorce rate continues to be a staggering 50%. At ALL GET OUT our goal is to empower families to create memories by experiencing the world together. We emphasize being physically active.

ABOUT Kris, The Ramblin’ Mom

Hi, I’m Kris- the Ramblin’ Mom. Since 1999 I’ve been offering professional travel advice. Twice I have hosted programs for The Travel Channel. Travel Gear focused on travel gadgets and extreme sports, while Intersection showcased the best of cities from coast to coast.

I have also traveled the world for TechTV, and my reports have appeared on ABC News and CNN, among others.  I have been a Travel Expert for hotels.com, and I have written for US News and Conde Naste. Prior to all of this, I was a VJ for MTV and I got my start as a radio DJ.  Music remains my passion. In fact, these days, I can still be heard on Mix107.3.

So what’s new? Well, I’m a proud mom, but I have no plans of slowing down my adventures. Why would I when the whole family can get in on the fun? Join me as I share tips, tricks, vacation ideas, and simple little things you can do this very weekend. Whatever you do- get out there and enjoy!


One thought on “About Us

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