Last Minute Fall Staycation Ideas

Fall is a fantastic time for an impromptu vacation, or stay-cation. Here now, a few of our favorite ideas for family togetherness, that will not break the bank.

1. Visit your local zoo for FREE. Yep-  here’s one from the “I didn’t know that” file: many public libraries have a zoo pass that will accommodate a family of 4 for FREE. In the major cities that do have these, they go fast- so be sure to check with your local branch stat!

2. Apple Picking. Nearly every major, or medium-sized city has an apple farm within an hours drive. Some will let you pick your own apples, while others may just have a cute shop and a great cup of fresh apple cider. Fall is THE BEST time of year to go.

3. Pumpkin Farm! If you’ve always bought your pumpkin at the grocery, give this a whirl. What better way to pick your pumpkin than from the vine? A classic family outing.

4. Flag football. Yes, here’s another idea that may make some of you say “well, duh, lady!”…. but when was the last time you actually did this? Here’s a free trick: try different colored napkins in your jeans pockets to use as flags, and if you don’t have a football of any sort, you can use any ball, really, and if you don’t have that, an old stuffed pillow works well.

AND DON’T FORGET: The time between Labor Day and Thanksgiving yields some of the cheapest airline tickets throughout the year. Check carriers for last-minute deals. TIP: look for tickets on Tuesday, when airlines announce their specials, and give yourself a couple of weeks for the best results. At the time of this posting, you have more than that before the Turkey Day prices skyrocket.

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