2010 Labor Day Travel to Increase from Years Past

dreamstime_s_21795079If you are able to get an early start on the road this Labor Day weekend, you might want to. That’s because the American Automobile Association anticipates a 10 percent increase in travelers driving this year from last, for a total of 34.4 million Americans hitting the road over the weekend. According to the group, U.S. travel continued to gain traction during the fourth quarter of ’09. Spending is also up an additional 3.9%. Travelers are expected to drive, more than fly this weekend, due in part to low gasoline rates [the national average at the time of this post was $2.67]. Still, flying is also in an up-tic, with approximately 4% higher volume of travelers taking to the skies.

With regard to Hurricane Earl, early forecasts indicate the Carolina’s Outer Banks could lose up to 8% of the travelers currently expected to vacation there over the weekend. The National Weather Service cautions travelers in area that are expecting the now- category 4 hurricane.dreamstime_s_217950791


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