Top Ten Must-Have Kid Gadgets for Summer

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know we love our gadgets! With that in mind, hre are our Top Ten picks for must-have products this summer.

1. Gourmet Picnic Duffel: This isn’t your parent’s basket and blanket! These fully insulated picnic baskets by Ascot come with everything you’ll need- except of course the food.

2. Best Kids Travel Cup: Our travel cup of choice is the Travel Cup for kids by Contigo. Their secret is their patented  AUTOSEAL® technology.

3. If you’re as tired of fishing out old Cheetos from under your car’s back seat as we are, then you might want to check out this handy Snack Ball.

4. Anyone who’s ever lent their toddler their (now defunct) iPod might want to check this out. The Sweet Pea 3 won the Toy of the Year from Energizer & the Canadian Toy Testing Council, and with a rubber-coated exterior, it’s very rugged.

5. This has been one of our favorites for a long time. The Trunki Suitcase is a case and ride all in one. Expect to see smiles galore at the airport.

6. Check out Samsung’s DVD Jr. The handheld, portable DVD player is designed for kids under 15, but be warned- you’ll need special discs. Samsung has partnered with Warner Home Video to create 3″ discs specifically for this player.

7. Is your kid a gamer? Be sure to check out Nintendo’s website for a number of portable Gamboy consoles. Too many to review.

8. The best kiddie camera is still this one.

9. Sun is fun until someone gets burned… so DON’T! Stay covered at the beach and at the lake with a Bambino Cabana.

10. Holy App Attack, Batman! There are dozens of kid friendly apps for the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Droid now. From Sesame related games to apps that let you draw- be sure to check iTunes for a full list.

Get loads of inspiring ideas for your family in this month’s edition of Washington Family Magazine.


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