Travel’s “New Black” is GRAY

I was just reading this month’s edition of Washington FAMILY Magazine, and I have to say, I am pretty inspired. This month’s issue is all about getting outside, enjoying the spring, and CAMPS GALORE! As you know, Dear Reader, I’m all about the great outdoors, so I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite outings, and remind you of others I’ve written about previously.

View of Georgetown Univ. from the Potomac

Our friends over at Washington FAMILY Magazine give us tons of great resources for kids camps this month. They even offer this area family camp. Fantastic, but we have some ideas to add.

For example, there’s ‘glamping,’ a trend that started last year in England. Think tents with cappuccino makers and down comforters. There are a number of companies that will set it all up for you. Last year, the New York Times offered this article with details on how you too can join on glamping.

But glamping seems to have been a trend in every sense of the word, meaning that it was ‘in’ last season and ‘out’ this, only to be replaced by another trend with a cute name. So what’s the travel world’s ‘new black’ this season you ask? Its called a greycation.

Again, the idea comes from the Brits (thus the spelling), and again it claims a silly name, but that aside, the idea is pretty near and dear to our heart, here at All Get Out. Essentially, it means the entire family– several generations of which- is brought together to camp,  appreciating nature and promoting togetherness in a beautiful setting, all while keeping an eye on the wallet. You can read more about it here.

We’ll have to wait and see is greycations are out next season, and while the name is silly and we could live without it, this writer hopes the idea sticks.


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