The GREAT Outdoors!

It’s that time of year: time to get the family outside for new adventures! After all, that is exactly what we here at ALL GET OUT are all about. Our mission statement says it all:

At ALL GET OUT our goal is to empower families to create memories by experiencing the world together. We emphasize being physically active, and strengthening a family’s emotional bond by creating memorable moments.

And we are not alone. Our partners over at Washington Family Magazine have some great guides for classes, camps and family activities this month.

Meanwhile, in forthcoming posts right here at ALL GET OUT, be sure to look for ideas to keep you wee ones busy this summer. We’ll be reviewing the best gadgets of the season, and functional clothing too. We’re currently working on the best staycation and vacation ideas of the summer. Check back often. Now get out there and play!


One thought on “The GREAT Outdoors!

  1. I love to play outdoors with my kids. We really like to take long walks. I have found this is the time of year to utilize grocery delivery and meal prep centers, so that I can play more often. One of the meal prep centers FAMILY Magazine went to was Dream Dinners. It is fantastic everything is done for you all you have to do is assemble the ingredients to your liking. I am also using Harris Teeter’s Express Lane. I do my grocery shopping online and they put it in my car, all with the hopes of playing more and working less. My motto for the season is: Work smarter not harder! Smiles.

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