Stranded at the Airport: DOs and DON’TS

This post is dedicated to the thousands of people stranded in European airports this week due to the Icelandic volcano activity.

We’ve all been there- stuck at the airport due to our flight’s cancellation. Our previously post listed ways to get help from the gate agents. However, the reports this week of thousands of flights being canceled due to safety have not only left people in airports for up to 5 days now, rules like “240” will not work.

Still, what’s a person to do with all that time? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Start a blog. Many people don’t know you can tweet and blog from your cell phone too. By the way, the world is captivated by a story YOU are currently a part of. You might be surprised by the instant audience you’ll get.
  2. Got a computer? There is so much you can do. Its time to catch up on those flicks you’ve been putting off. You can buy a subscription to sights like Netflix and be on your way in moments.
  3. Buy a book. Chances are- you’ll actually get to finish it.
  4. TALK. This is a great time to talk to your kids about anything and everything (but keep your voice down if its of a personal nature).
  5. Primp. You can’t actually take a shower at the airport, but you can take your time in the bathroom to wash up, and use those travel sized lotions to took from the hotel.
  6. Go old-school: buy a journal. Try and write down all the things you are grateful for in your life. This exercise will also relieve you of the stress of being stranded at this moment.

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