Rainy Day Blues: Ideas for an “Indoor Day”

As we publish this post, its raining buckets outside. Alas, another Saturday morning indoors. What’s a parent to do? Well, PLAY of course.

PD Photo

Here now a list of things you can do around the house today.

  1. Indoor Camping: If you have a fireplace this will make things even more fun. Pull out that camping gear and “camp” in the living room today. Don’t have any camping equipment? Well, this exercise is perfect for you to pitch a tent in the living room using bedsheets. They don’t have to protect you from real bears, mosquitoes and rain after all. Tell camp stories. Have sandwiches. Use this opportunity to share a fun story when you really DID go camping. Do you have Native American blood? This is a perfect time to discuss the world in which your ancestors lived. Remember: the name of the game here is imagination.
  2. Clean out a closet, playing your own game of “Antiques Roadshow.” Talk to your kids about some of the items tucked away, and share with them a story of how that item came to your family, or what its sentimental value is. This fosters interest in your family, brings people closer together, and if you do this exercise in an orderly fashion, likely helps you reorganize the closet!
  3. Open up those family albums. If you have elementary school kids, chances are they will eventually have to do a report on their family tree. Why not get a leg up on that, by sitting down with the kids and talking to them about their roots?
  4. Bake cookies AND help your kids with their homework. If you have older kids, they might have homework this weekend. Whereas they are likely to NOT want to get it done, be a sport and make it a two-person “event.” Bake your son or daughter’s favorite snack, like cookies, or cupcakes, or pizza. Now here’s the trick: YOU MUST DO THE HOMEWORK WITH YOUR CHILD. You will be amazed by how much you have forgotten over the years, and how much your child is learning. Besides, this exercise fosters a bond between parent and child and gives you a new appreciation for the work they do on a daily basis (and you’ll likely be reminded of why the kids hate doing it) .

Remember: The family that PLAYS TOGETHERhas way more fun than those who don’t!


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