NEWS FLASH: $44 Cross-Country Airline Deals Just Announced

Thanks AirTran! Little had I known when our brood literally flew them the other day, that they would incite an industry-wide sale event. On Tuesday, the low-cost airline announced fares as low as $44 (one way), not including taxes and fees. Travel MUST be within the dates of  March 19 through Nov. 16.

The best part? Several competitors including American Airlines began to match AirTran on competing routes! Now, there are some restrictions (naturally) such as no Fridays and Saturdays, and another 28 blackout dates too.

The thing is – rarely do we see price breaks in March. This is after all when things are warming up, and families are gearing up for the summer.

Some of AirTran’s offerings at print tie were:

$188 roundtrip from Boston and Los Angeles;

$138 roundtrip to and from Detroit- Atlanta.

and $158 roundtrip to/from Orlando, Fla., Dallas or Chicago. Taxes and applicable fees are not included. Still, I can tell you from experience Boston/LA is generally $250ish, so these are big savings- especially for the family.

HURRY! The sale runs through TODAY (Thursday) and seating is capped at availability.


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