PANDA-monium at the zoo?

As we previously reported, the giant panda that was born in captivity at the National Zoo has returned to China. Thai Shan, who was born in captivity two years ago must be returned to China as part of the agreement to host his parents, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, 10 year stay in the US.

The monochromatic marsupial’s return marks hope in the efforts by the international zoological community to bring the Giant Panda back from the brink of extinction. Currently, there are a reported 239 pandas in captivity, and another estimated 1600 that remain in the wild- this according to a report filed in 2004.

Before his send off, a celebration was held in Thai Shan’s honor at The National Zoo. Despite area snow storms, people came out in droves to bid farewell. You can view an AP report of the celebration here.

Watch my personal video clips of Thai Shan here.


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