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UPDATE! This promotion has reached capacity, and is now closed.

If you would like to see the offer for 2011, please click here to read the article.

Curious about the last offer? Read on:

Disney is at it again! With the conclusion of Disney’s free birthday admission program, which ended on Dec. 31, 2009, they have come up with a new one! This time, they are offering free entry to Disneyland and Walt Disney World when you volunteer at one of a number of Disney-approved non-profit locations. Its part of their “Give a Day. Get a Disney Day” promotion.

Now keep in mind there are some rules, including registering online before you go. You must also be in the first one million people to redeem this offer. And this offer is limited to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.


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  1. Darlene K. Redd says:

    My Birthday is April 24th 1959 would love to get a free ticket. How do i find out about volunteering?
    Darlene Redd

    • Kris Kosach says:

      Hi Darlene! Thanks for reaching out to All Get Out! So happy to help you get that free admission to Disney this year. Just reread my blog entry, and click on the links for Disney. There you will be directed to the official rules for this promotion. Unfortunately, you cannot get in for free just because its your birthday this year. You must volunteer AND you must do this before the one millionth person does this. I think you’re still good right now- just don’t delay until November. Hope tht helps! If not- just write back. Thanks!

  2. andrea osurn says:

    how can i get in to disneyland for free for two people for a day????

    • Kris Kosach says:

      Hi Andrea. That’s the good thing about this year’s promotion, actually. With last year’s birthday promotion, it was likely that only one person in your group could get in for free (unless, of course you had a twin). This time, if you AND your friend volunteer at Disney sanctioned non-profits, then you can both earn passes. Now, I have to stress that “The Mouse” has a limit of 1 million people for the year to redeem this promotion, and while I do not know what the current number is, my sources say the promotion is not yet closed (as we go to print). So reread my article, and click on the links to get go to the official Disney rules. Then download your application for free admission, and go volunteer!

  3. carolyn verdone says:

    I volunteer at our church. Is this good enough for a free Disney pass??

    • Kris Kosach says:

      Unfortunately, if your church is not listed on Disney’s official list of approved places to volunteer, then no, the work you are describing does not count. But don’t be too upset- the Disney “Give a Day Get a Day” promotion has ended with the limited 1 million tickets, so even if your church had been listed, you can no longer get the free tickets… for this year at least. Something new will come up and when it does, All Get Out will be sure to give you the details. Be sure to subscribe to All Get Out to learn what Disney has in store for do-gooders like yourself in 2011.

  4. Katie Walsh says:

    I turn 18 on july 28th. I just completed 6 years of service with over 300 hours of Meals on Wheels, Feeding the Seniors, knitting scarfs for the homeless, being a brownie assistant leader, feeding the homeless through St Vincent de Paul and much more through National Charity League in the San Diego Chapter. I graduated from high school this June too. I want to know how I can get a free ticket to go to Disneyland on July 28th , my birthday!!


    • Kris Kosach says:

      Hi Katie, Unfortunately, the Disney “Give a Day Get a Day” promotion has ended with the limited 1 million tickets. Be sure to subscribe to All Get Out to learn what Disney has in store for do-gooders like yourself in 2011. We’ll be sure to announce it when they do.

  5. Erick says:

    What is going to happen 2011? I want free admission to Disney, but nothing has been posted? “Will it be Give a day, get a day” or Free on birthday Promotion?

  6. Susan says:

    Please send me updates when Disneyland announces their “get in free” promotion for 2011.

    Thank you!

  7. Lisa says:

    Is DIsney going to do any free adnission days in 2011?

  8. Tom says:

    Please send me updates when Disneyland announces their “get in free” promotion for 2011.

  9. Noemi says:

    Please let me know if Disneyland is offering free entrance to the park in 2011? Thank you!

  10. Kris Kosach says:


  11. jackie panick says:

    What promos for disney for “2011”?

  12. Heidi Duso says:

    Please update me when Disneyland is offering free entrance promotion to the park for 2011. Thanks!!

  13. promise says:

    can i go to disney for free on march 26 2011?????????????????????????/plz tell me today 😀

  14. promise says:

    obh its my birthday that day and i never been to disnyland 😦
    and im broke plzz let me kno

  15. gennie jackson says:

    i will be at disney for my 60 year birthday would it be possable to get a free ticket pass for this one day. thank you, gennie

  16. gennie jackson says:

    my birth day is april 20, 2011. i will be 60 years old.

  17. tania says:

    how can i volunteer???in disneyland nd m from India…… nd i would love to be a part of disney chanel……….

  18. Holly says:

    Hi. My name is hilly and my birthday is feb. 29 1988. I heard that this year the park will be open for 24 hours in honor of the leap day and I was wondering if there is a free ticket available for me or if there are special discounts or offers available that would help me celebrate while on a budget. Thanks!

  19. Laura Tapia says:

    I want to see where i go to see for the free ticket on my husband birthday 6-2 and its his first time going there.

  20. how can i get a free ticket n my birthday. please i never when to disney.give that wish for my birthday please im 49 yrs old. thank you very much.

  21. Very descriptive post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a
    part 2?

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