TRAVEL TIP: Save Your Spot at the Airport NOW

Believe it or not, you can reserve a parking spot for yourself at a number of American airports. You may also consider validated parking if you don’t mind the investment (convenience can get very costly). Since many of the parking lots will be sold out in about a week, we recommend that you reserve a spot now (if you’re so lucky as to be using a participating airport).PDphoto.comThere are a number of websites and pre-pay parking lots that can help. Keep in mind, many of these parking lots are off-site of the airport. Each provides shuttle service to and from the terminals. Keep an eye open on individual sites for specials they are running, and don’t forget to do a google search to see if the company has any valid coupons online.

Here are some of the leading lots:

Airport Discount Parking: Located at 49 of the largest airports in the U.S. Offers some coupons, discounts available.

Airport Parking Reservations: Available at 69 American airports. Must become a member to use site.

Long-Term Parking: Offers FREE RESERVATIONS (Some private airport parking lots charge for a saved spot). 51 locations.

Park ‘n Fly Network: Arguably the most well-known of the private airport lots. Offers daily specials at select locations (at the time of this writing, their Cleveland location was offering $5.95/day and Oakland with $9.99/day). 70 locations to date.

Parking Access:  Offers the most locations around the U.S. with 88. What sets them apart is that they have reservations for parking and airport hotels.  They partner with to get more deals from the hotels.

ParkRideFly: 64 locations. Offers a rewards program, and deals available if you sign up for their news letter.

The Parking Spot: Chances are, if your airport hosts this parking company, you know it. It’s hard to forget those yellow and black polka dot shuttle buses. 12 airports, continually growing.

And Don’t forget the little guys!

There are a growing number of independent parking lots that are just as competitive as the so-called leaders. Give these folks a try if you get a chance.

Pro Park: This is an affiliate network, with seven partners, and 12 locations. They include Green Park, Valet Parking, Harvard Square, Museum Parc, Yale Parking, Farmer Brown’s Parking, Express Airport Parking and Z Airport Parking.

Smart Park (Philly only) This independent parking lot has won a number of local awards. And if you refer to user-generated online reviews, those found at City Search for this company are stellar. While a “perfect” score can seem suspect, the reviewers do seem to be genuine people who have given reviews to other things.  See for yourself here.

Diamond Parking:  8 domestic locations and two in Canada

USA Airport Parking: Denver only. Offers a frequent parker card and coupons.

Honorable mention:

Cheap Airport Parking: Currently only in 8 cities. Not technically a lot, but is an affiliate program for several airports.


One thought on “TRAVEL TIP: Save Your Spot at the Airport NOW

  1. Great tip. I love Park ‘N Fly All ways get quick service and getting picked up and dropped off at my car makes it a breeze.

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