TRAVEL GEAR: Kids Travel Cup

Sippy cups are great for kids, but when you’re driving, they often become something more like slippy cups. Enter these cute Travel Cups for kids by Contigo. They have a proprietary technology they call AUTOSEAL®, and even if name says it all, I’d be remiss if I didn’t try to explain how it works.

Each time your child finishes taking a sip, the cup automatically shuts off any liquid. The cup does require pushing a little button to open the spout for drinking though, so I guess the “automatic” part only comes in when you’ve finished having a drink.

Contingo guarantees the cup to be spill-proof, but in the even the gasket wears out (and it will eventually), you can buy replacement gaskets.

Oh, and for anyone thinking ‘hey, that’s cool- I wonder if they have one for adults’– why, yes they do.

The Contigo AUTOSEAL® kids travel cup is not recommended for children under the age of 4. Set of two= $12.99; set of 4= $19.99.


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