SPECIAL REPORT: Holiday Travel Etiquette

Savvy travelers know their etiquette- don’t be a space hog. Still, the holidays are always stacked with those once-a-year travelers who seemingly don’t comprehended the idea that the overhead bins are for everyone, and not simply first come first serve (which they are also).

Here now, Gentle Reader, a few reminders to help you and your family get through your holiday trip like a pro:

  1. Know your space in the overhead. Stack extra items, instead of placing them side by side so other travelers can have some much-needed overhead real estate.
  2. Don’t try and make everything a carry-on. Sure, its tempting, especially with the new charges for checked bags. Try packing lighter if you can. Wherever you are going, there are to these things called ‘stores’.
  3. Be patient. There’s always one nasty, uptight person traveling on the holidays. Don’t be them!

Remember: the airlines have one real objective- to get you to your destination safely. They will, of course, try and be on time, but traffic control and weather are out of their hands, so be patient, relax and just take a deep breathe.


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