What are you sitting around reading blogs for? Today is a beautiful Sunday all over the United States (thank you!) Then there’s the dilemma. You can’t figure out which one is tighter: your money or your time. And while the thought of getting out and playing with your  family today sounds just like what the doctor ordered, you find yourself sitting at home, yet again because of these two factors. On and on this downward spiral goes…

Never fear friends….there are gajillions of things you can do right now, many ideas of which yours truly will post here in the coming weeks. Frankly, the ideas are just what they are- ideas. Anyone can have them- the real trick here is to actually DO IT! So please, Gentle Reader, consider this post your official KICK IN THE PANTS; think of me as your family-play-drill-sergeant. So FALL IN SOLDIER!

Staycation Idea:

Our national parks are perhaps our most valued treasure. Anyone who caught the Ken Burns series on PBS recently knows that. Now take itto the next dimension: visit your nearest national park with your family this weekend. To find the one nearest to you, visit the official website here.





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