Tips from Readers: Anonymous

This one comes to me from “Anonymous” (thank you whoever you are!)Picture 10

I’ve had extensive experience flying on long trips with our son from when he was an infant until now. In fact, his little passport is filled with stamps from all over the world! I learned early on to always reserve the bulkhead seat when buying my ticket. I always check in early, and it never hurts to if the flight is full. If not, I ask the staff if I can switch to a seat with that has an open neighboring seat.

To calm baby, I walk with the car seat up aisle when the captain says its ok to walk around the cabin. Having his carseat also allows me to strap him in and have a chance to have a sip of my drink, or bite of my snack.

Also be sure to buy a car seat that is approved by the international air agency for flying. These seats fit perfectly into a standard airline seat.

Finally, on long flights, don’t just bring ‘what out need’ to get to the other side. Consider bring a bit more of everything (formula, wipes, etc), as in my experience you do tend to run out!  When booking your meal, as if they have any child-meals (apple sauce, etc). Some carriers do.  I hope my advice helps! Thanks for posting!


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