New Fantasyland Coming

“The Mouse” has just announced their plans for an updated Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Acording to Jay Rasulo, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, they expect completion by 2013. The news came from the D23 Expo. Up until now, the only new news coming out of the Magic Kingdom was the new “Home of Tomorrow” that Disney was creating along with Microsoft founder, Bill Gates.

They’re calling it the largest expansion effort in the history of the Magic Kingdom. Disney will be taking a cue from the success of their Princesses, by creating rides and attractions based on them. These include a a Beauty & Beat themed restaurant (inspired by a key scene in the film), an new state-of-the-art underwater Little Mermaid ride, which will be the first attraction to debut, in 2011. Other attractions include an expanded Dumbo ride, and Pixie Hollow, a sort-of origin to the Tinkerbell character. The latter arrived in 2013. Take a look at the attached map for more.


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