COGnitive Thought

April Fools day is for gags, so….

OK, so it isn’t necessarily travel “gear”, but this adorable toy was just too tempting to ignore. Frankly, I just couldn’t “cog”-itate  ignoring a mention of them. Just had to dig my “teeth” into reviewing this one. Oh, lordy- somebody stop me!

Seriously, this cute take on building blocks is a great addition to any toy collection. They’re KaleidoGears by Georello and they’re a great take-along toy, and an even better one to leave at Grandma’s house for future visits.Perfect for kids between the ages of 4 and 7. Younger? They’ll just want to eat the pieces, and older might get a bit bored.

You get 55 pieces with a movable base, plus three gears. Have an aversion to buying toys from China? No worries- KaleidoGears come from Italy. About $30.


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