FREE TO SEE: San Francisco

PD photo.

Ah the City by the Bay. Home Sweet Home to yours truly. And while I have lived all over the United States, I have an affinity for, and some insider secrets, for San Francisco. Here is just a sampling of free things to do while you are in San Francisco.

  1. Visit the famous Sea Lions of Fisherman’s Wharf. This area was not meant to be a wildlife habitat. When developers built Pier 39 in the 1970s, this was a marina for private boats. Somehow the kelp began to grow here, which brought the little fish, which brought the sea lions. Yours Truly actually once witnessed a man trying to get to his boat with a pizza, and a sea lion coming at him like he was going to attack! Needless to say, the sea lions won out and today what was once an area for private boats, is now raft after raft of relaxing sea lions. Now THAT’S a lounge act!
  2. Tour Fort Point. This fort was actually built during the civil war just in case the west saw action. It’s a state park now, which means its free.
  3. Stroll around the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. It was closed for years for retrofitting from damage caused by the Loma Prieta quake, but it’s restored and open now.
  4. See Golden Gate Park! There are free concerts from spring to fall, and popular area radio station, Alice at 97.3 has a VERY COOL concert they have for listeners (read: everyone) once per year. Big acts too, like Train, or James Blunt. Another station, KFOG has an annual fire works show near the Bay Bridge called Kaboom! that is really cool, and also FREE
  5. Honorable Mention, and sometimes free: The coolest science museum, The Exploratorium, has free admission for kids
    The Exploratorium is located at the Palace of Fine Art. PD photo.

    under 3, and also has a free day for all once in a while.


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