TRAVEL GEAR: Travel Crib

As a professional travel products reviewer, I am often asked ‘which such-n-such do you personally own?’ In the case of a travel crib, it the Baby Bjorn. After carefully reviewing all of the travel cribs and portable play yards on the market, we found this to be the one for us.

Here’s why:

  • Its light, light, light! Traveling with a 40 pound play yard would have been a hassle. The Baby Bjorn Crib weighs less than 11 pounds altogether.
  • The mess is airy, but dark, providing a few more zzzs for baby (and mom & dad!) when the sun comes up.
  • Easy to set up. Honestly I can do it now like, well, a pro! Takes me about 60 seconds flat.

The only thing that cautioned us against the Baby Bjorn crib is that it ain’t cheap. We paid over $200, and if you plan to stay in a hotel, why would you spend the money when you can get a hotel crib for free? Answer: because sometimes we want to stay with family, or we want familiarity, or sometimes we think the hotel crib is decidedly nasty. Look for deals on the Baby Bjorn travel crib on sites like Ebay and


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