San Francisco: Eat to the Beat


Mel’s Diner
For the baby boomer rock lover, Mel’s Drive in will conger up memories of high school, soda jerks serving vanillas malts and teenagers hanging out in a booth. Nothing has changed at mel’s Doner, the inspiration for George Lucas’s “American Graffiniti”. The popular chain dried up in the 60s and 70s, making a huge comeback when the movie opened, Today, visitors can enjoy a simply menu at reasonable prices, commensurate to today’s inflation. . And did we mention the individual jukeboxes at each booth?

Sushi Groove
If you’re looking for a hipper than hip, sushi joint, this is definitely it. The food is great- the DJ is amazing too. Young beautiful, and edgy San Franciscans crowd the tiny space on weekends. If you’re bringing mom and dad, or like it a bit sedate yourself, with come early, or skip it altogether.

Ace Wasabi’s Rock-n-Roll Sushi:

Ace’s is very much like Sushi Groove, except this is the place I might bring the folks. Its a bit less of everything than Sushi Groove: less crowded, less noise, and in some opinions (not mine BTW), less tasty. The pluses? Its location is not as scary as Sushi Groove can be (South of Market in an old warehouse), but in the Marina, so your mom won’t be clutching her purse and looking over her shoulder as you walk from the car to the restaurant! Oh yes, and beautiful people are found dining here too- just fewer piercings!

Honorable mention:
Rassela’s Jazz Club & Restaurant:
Interesting mix of Ethopian food, a bar, and live jazz.

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