Haunted Hotels from Coast to Coast

I made another recent appearance on The Daily Buzz- this time for hotels.com’s Most Haunted Hotels. During my career in the music business, I had the occasion to actually stay at some of these locations! May I recommend…

The Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, CA
In 1892, a despondent young lover named Kate Morgan threw herself from the balcony of one of the hotel’s top tiers. To this day, guests report seeing a young woman clinging to the side of the building, as though she is about to jump.

The Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, LA
This renowned property is said to be the birthplace of Bananas Foster, and home to world class chefs and two precious children who enjoy playing with hotel guests. Unfortunately, they don’t know they’re dead.

The Morgan House, Savannah, GA
No haunted-anything column would be complete without a mention of the most haunted city in America. I can attest to the great ghost walking tours here (as well as in N’awlins) and Voodoo is alive and well in this gem of a city.

Want more? Click on the puimpkins on the hotels.com page for other great haunts.



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