The following entry originally appeared on my personal website.

Wow! I have never seen an exchange rate like this for a westernized country. Last night I stayed back at the hotel while our crew went out to shoot some nightlife here in Capetown, but unfortunately, yours truly came down with something.

I ordered room service: chicken soup, 7-UP, orange juice, and just to make me feel a wee bit better, a slice of cheese cake (hey- allow me some comfort food, okay?) Anyway, the grand total? A whopping $7!!! Yes, that’s right… SEVEN U.S. DOLLARS! And yes, it was a fantastic meal! I only wished I ordered more.

PS I ave the folks a nice tip, as evidenced by the man’s reaction. Evidently a good gratuity (which by the way is NOT customary here) is a big deal here.


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