The Quiet Side of Maui

A single little word says it all. Hana. If you’ve been, you know the magic this little village offers. If you do not, might I suggest a roadtrip when you are on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

A warning though: the many jokes and chuckles about the “road to Hana” are all that … and then some. It is not for the weak, cruising along cliffs. And if the drop-off just feet from your passenger seat isn’t going to get you, then the Car Sickness Gods just might. Still, the entire event is worth it.

Hana is tucked away on the far side of Maui. It can take most of the day to get there. You’ll find nothing more than a tiny store, a church, a few small homes and the Hotel Hana (which is more like a nice motel than a hotel) … AND THAT VIEW

Deals are best in the winter and spring. Get on the hotels mailing list and book directly through them for the best deals.


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