NEXT STOP: “Travel Gear” the show!

—Fellow travelers- PLEASE TAKE NOTE!—

I have signed a(nother) exclusive contract with the Travel Channel! This time yours truly will be putting her money where her mouth is with weekly adventures and outings that are sure to raise your adrenaline (well, mine anyway!)

I’ll be hosting TRAVEL GEAR, and as the name implies, I’ll be testing out gear of all sorts for your recreational pleasure. Meantime, I won’t be able to blog here, as I am under contract. Instead, Travel Channel has agreed to let me be the very first blogger EVER for a Discovery Communications property! So be sure to check out what they are calling my “Travel Journal” (evidently not a lot of viewers know what a blog is yet) at, or if you are outside the United States.

If you can swim under it, climb over it, fly or ride it- I’ll be there! For more, check your local listings!





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